What to Wear to That Special Occasion?

You Can Wear a Variety of Styles & Colors!


 It’s all dependent on your personal taste, the dress code, and event type. Here are a few suggestions:

THE CLASSIC COCKTAIL DRESS: Knee-length, in a classic style like a wrap or sheath, a cocktail dress can be a timeless, elegant option.

A JUMPSUIT: Yes, you can wear a jumpsuit! Comfy, they can be dressed up or down. Look for a good fit, luxe fabric, stylish shoes, and accessories.

A tailored blazer or jacket ,paired with a dressy blouse, slacks, or skirt can be versatile and sophisticated. Choose beautiful fabrics and a figure-flattering style.

The most traditional choice for a formal event,
a long evening gown
in a gorgeous
cut and color
is always

Accessories Are Important, Too!

Rule #1: Keep accessories simple and elegant. A statement necklace, earrings, or bracelet can add sparkle, but avoid going overboard with too many pieces.

Rule #2: Pair your accessories with comfortable yet stylish shoes, such as low heels or dressy flats, and a matching small clutch or shoulder bag—and you’re ready to go!

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