Here in Massachusetts, the days have varied between 38F-78F with the onset of Spring. As wintertime winds down and you wish start thinking about doing some heavy duty cleaning, you might want to start with your closet.

This is a great time to consider downsizing by creating “donate” and “keep” bins. This is not a good time to sell winter wear as all Consignment Shops are liquidating their winter stock to make room for Spring Clothes so it’s best to put those items “to sell” away and sell them in September or October instead.

Make sure to leave out those pieces you can use as layers and definitely use your heavy colorful scarves for warmth instead of heavy sweaters and coats.

Lisa in an early spring lookStarting at the beginning of March, the first thing I usually do is put away half of my winter wardrobe, especially those with the fall tones and colors like Burnt Reds, Browns and Purple (although bright purples and plums can be worn for spring).
I do still keep my boots out as the weather in New England requires it.

The other thing I like to start doing is wearing spring makeup and nail polish. Its’ more fun and exciting and puts me in the mood for spring!

If you’re tempted to buy new clothes, consider what trends are coming into season and what colors you will be wearing. I will be posting on what the trends on my social media pages but in the meantime it’s best to hold off as long as possible unless you truly find something you really need.

Maybe if you have the time and patience, this is a great time to evaluate your spring/summer wardrobe. The perfect time to determine the “keep”, “donate” or “sell” items. You should make sure everything that you are keeping fits right, no presence of stains, missing buttons, or broken zippers etc, but this is the best time to get it taken care of.

If you don’t have the time or patience for all of the above, consider hiring a closet organizer or image consultant. You will certainly appreciate the ease of getting dressed for any event and definitely looking and feeling your BEST! – Lisa Malmgren/Classified Image Consultant

Photo by Pixabay

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