Eco-friendly fashion, sustainable fashion, and fair-trade fashion are all but distinct terms.



Eco-friendly Fashion

Eco-friendly fashion pertains to products that are made using sustainable materials that don’t harm the environment. It also addresses the non-toxicity of the materials used, as well as the effect of the production process on the environment.

Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion, on the other hand, pertains to the entire product life cycle and may include reducing waste, using recycled materials, and commitment to ethical and environmentally responsible practices.

Fair-trade Fashion

Lastly, fair-trade fashion typically refers to garments that are sourced in an environmentally protective way and produced under ethical working conditions. It often includes supporting workers regarding safety and fair pay.

It’s important to note that these terms are often used interchangeably and, while there is overlap, they each have a unique focus.


Personal stylists can help people become more environmentally conscious with their fashion choices by helping them to shop with the environment in mind and find ways to reuse items in their wardrobe.

A good stylist can provide advice on the best eco-friendly materials, help create a wardrobe that is versatile and timeless, and encourage upcycling and donation of items that are no longer wanted or needed.

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